Sunday, September 16, 2012

Rete algorithm

The Rete algorithm is an efficient pattern matching algorithm for implementing production rule systems. The Rete algorithm was designed by Dr Charles L. Forgy of Carnegie Mellon University, first published in a working paper in 1974, and later elaborated in his 1979 Ph.D. thesis and a 1982 paper. Rete has become the basis for many popular rule engines and expert system shells, including Tibco Business Events, CLIPS, Jess, Drools, JRules, OPSJ, Blaze Advisor, BizTalk Rules Engine and Soar. The word 'Rete' is Latin for 'net' or 'comb'. The same word is used in modern Italian to mean network. Charles Forgy has reportedly stated that he adopted the term 'Rete' because of its use in anatomy to describe a network of blood vessels and nerve fibers.